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We believe that the Pestalozzi principles of education are essential for the development of the individual persons as well as for the development of a poor agricultural country like Nepal. Circle of Success is what we follow, and the organization is entirely led by the alumni with the help of people from different walks of life including educators, ex-servicemen, etc. 

At Pestalozzi, we believe the gift of an education is the greatest present someone can give, and we believe education can change the world. Our mission is to create determined and talented young people with the skills needed to go on to make a difference in the world today. Central to everything we do are our core values of Respect, Integrity, Diversity, Commitment and Fun. 

Our programs invest in the education of high achieving but low-income students who would not be able to complete their secondary schooling without our support. These young people are selected based on their potential to become future leaders who will have the ability and knowledge to positively impact the lives of many others. The program helps break the cycle of inter generational poverty for the students themselves and equips them to make a significant difference in society.